1: "Gina Torres on What To Expect" Learn about Gina Torres's new role in Pearson and how it compares to her character in Suits.

2: "Transition to Pearson" Discover how Jessica Pearson's move affects the new series without being on Netflix.

3: "Inspiration Behind the Scenes" Explore the ways Gina Torres motivated her fellow cast members on set.

4: "Strength in Leadership" See how Torres's powerful portrayal as Jessica Pearson influenced her co-stars.

5: "Unforgettable Moments" Relive the top four times Gina Torres left a lasting impact on her colleagues.

6: "Character Development" Understand how Torres's role in Pearson showcases her evolution as an actress.

7: "Reimagining a TV Icon" Experience Gina Torres's transformation from Suits to Pearson in a whole new light.

8: "From Suits to Pearson" Compare Jessica Pearson's journey in both series and how Torres's performance shines.

9: "Gina Torres's Legacy" Celebrate the remarkable career of Gina Torres and her groundbreaking role in Pearson.