1: 1. Stop hitting snooze multiple times. 2. Avoid checking your phone immediately.

2: 3. Don’t skip breakfast for better energy. 4. Stop rushing out the door in a panic.

3: 5. Don’t start your day with negative thoughts. 6. Avoid multitasking before fully waking up.

4: 7. Stop skipping your skincare routine. 8. Avoid starting work emails first thing.

5: 9. Don’t forget to hydrate with water. 10. Stop neglecting some morning stretching.

6: 11. Avoid starting the day without a plan. 12. Stop comparing your morning to others.

7: 13. Don’t skip out on natural light exposure. 14. Avoid immediately diving into work tasks.

8: 15. Stop neglecting mental health check-ins. 16. Avoid starting the day in a messy environment.

9: 17. Don’t skip opportunities for gratitude moments. 18. Stop stressing about the time and relax.